Friday, February 11, 2011

it's been a while...

 it's always been something i knew, i mean everyone knows what a friend is- someone you can count on, someone you can turn to, laugh with until you practically pee yourself, love on and support... 

while speaking to a girlfriend of mine, i realized that i am truly so blessed with such great people in my life, even if they are miles away. i learn from them and will continue to take in every moment, experience life with them and truly inherit the fulfillment of a genuine friendship.

a life of adventure with the security of a God who loves me to the pit of my very soul, just because, "something as sure as the moon in the sky", instills a desire in me to live everything i do with purpose, giving all the praise back to Him, and loving on others as i do! 

as my evening came to an end i decided to take my dogs to a field to experience the freedom of nature in the form of an acre of grassy open land--to just simply run free in and "gallop" around if you will, which they did rather triumphantly i must add

...and seeing them do so was so rewarding! all we ever want to feel is freedom, freedom from the things that hold us back or from what we are called to be. they ran through that field like nothing was holding them back with all the courage and energy they had. 
i pray that as each day comes, i embrace every blessing obstacle or not, with the agility and enthusiasm as my two puppies did tonight! 

~ may you have those individuals in your life to share this journey with, even if they do insist on licking you to express their love ha ha ~

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