Saturday, February 12, 2011


what a great way to start the morning off...

we've got some banana pancakes, polish sausage, eggs and some bacon! (i don't eat bacon but the boy does so we added that as an *extra* side dish just for him)

funny story, we bought cranberry juice for the wedding, that's right the wedding that was now almost FOUR MONTHS AGO already, and we still had a whole container of it. we've been trying to get rid of it for months now! this week the hubby came up with idea to mix it with other juices to delude the strange taste that cranberry juice has, with the intention to not waste what was left...a week later and we FINALLY finished it off this morning =p (thank you Jesus, no more mixed drinks for me!!!)

happy SATURDAY!!!!!

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  1. I love banana pancakes...especially with chocolate chips inside!